Sustainable Production is One of BIOPuro's Top Priorities

Because we know that responsible business is the best strategy for long-term business, we have made ecologically sustainable production of our high OPC pine bark extract a top priority. Our partner-suppliers have made this a paramount focus of their philosophy since 1998.

Consequently, the premise of sustainability completely drives the product’s extraction method. Choosing pure water as the only solvent in the process greatly minimizes the impact on the environment inherent in other organic solvent-based processes. The patented method uses no chemicals. In fact, only pine bark and water enter the process—creating no environmentally harmful wastes. The by-products are simply clean water and an ultrafine bark—which our partner-supplier reclaims for use in forests, gardens or stables.

Additionally, the use of New Zealand pine bark as the raw material source for the extract has no negative impact on the environment since the bark is a byproduct of the active organic timber industry. Instead of the organic bark simply serving as mulch and its antioxidant properties going to waste, the extract can be used in multiple formulations for human consumption. And, the managed forest plantations operate without any possibility of harming the rare native trees in New Zealand.

Even the location of the production facility is driven by ecological considerations. By choosing to build the new plant in the center of New Zealand’s North Island, very close to the large pine forest plantations, our partner-supplier minimizes fuel consumption for the raw material transport and reduces the carbon footprint.

All electricity used in the extraction plant is certified carbon neutral, the power being produced exclusively by water, wind or geothermal energy. With green engineering, the machinery produces maximum output with minimal consumption, additionally reducing the carbon footprint.