Our Philosophy

BIOpuro Health Solutions is an innovative science-based natural products company

BIOpuro Health Solutions sources, imports, transports, and markets the highest quality extracts and pharmaceutical-grade/food-grade substances for use in health food products, supplements, and more. BIOpuro and its supply partners base product development on sound scientific principles, producing safe and efficacious health-enhancing products using only the most environmentally clean production methods.

As the sole distribution arm for Enzogenol® in North America, it is our privilege to bring this vital extract to potential formulation partners in the most cost-effective yet responsible way. Along with our partner-suppliers, we have a strong commitment to New Zealand and its pristine environment—the source of the largest pine forest plantations in the southern hemisphere, managed by using the most sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. These extensive pine forests guarantee a nearly unlimited, pharmaceutically clean, environmentally responsible raw material supply for production of the Enzogenol® pine bark extract.

Our Partner Supplier

The trademark ENZOGENOL® has been used by ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd since 1998 as the brand name for their proprietary pine bark extract, and has been registered in numerous countries where the extract is sold. Their patented proprietary water-only extraction process is protected in all major countries that grow Pinus Radiata commercially (NZ329658, US5968517, AU727283, CL40683, KR0473278, PH1-1997-56480, MY119282). Additionally, they are committed to patenting novel uses of pine bark extract that they discover through extensive ongoing research.