Our Story

BIOpuro is the brainchild of three entrepreneurial principals, each with a passion for health, balance, and long-term wellness.

As highly experienced executives in the health supplement, nutrition, alternative foods and processing industries, each brings a unique, decades-long experience to the partnership.

Through their fortuitous interaction, BIOpuro has been able to introduce an unrivaled antioxidant to the North America market, benefitting both product formulators and consumers alike. At BIOpuro, not only do we bring high quality raw materials to our manufacturing partners, but we also look for innovative and profitable ways they can expand. We’re more than willing to work side-by-side with your own formulators and scientists to bring your new products to life.

As a team of strategists, nutritional experts, formulators, process analysts, and entrepreneurs, BIOpuro fully understands many of the concerns associated with finding the right raw material source for the right product for the right consumer market.

While the substantial health attributes of pine extract have long been recognized, the challenge in bringing such an effective, high OPC pine-based proanthocyanidin to market has been heretofore elusive. Other companies have sought to produce a high-OPC product, but until now, most have lacked sustainable sources, proven OPC effectiveness, cost-effective concentration of active ingredients, cleanliness of source, and/or affordability to formulators and consumers. Sadly, other pine extracts on the market have been processed using heat or solvents that remove most active ingredients and/or contaminate the end product. To complicate matters, the pine sources are dubious in quality, purity, grade, and sustainability.

Research demonstrates our pine bark extract to have one of the highest OPC levels

For additional, in-depth data regarding how our New Zealand sourced pure pine bark extract surpasses all others available, contact us or email info@biopurohealth.com.