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There are countless studies demonstrating the benefits of high OPC Pine Bark Extract. Here are the various disciplines and clinical studies that have shown benefits in the areas of anti-aging, antioxidant activity, cardio care, circulatory support, cognition and brain function, eye care, and skin care.

Benefits of Pine Bark Extract


Several pediatricians specializing in the treatment of children with ABC disorders have found one formulation of our high OPC Pine Bark Extract to be a very useful adjunct treatment.


Over a three year period, researchers compared life spans, potential side effects, and potential discomfort to laboratory mice receiving high OPC Pine Bark Extract (PBE).


Scientists have discovered that our New Zealand High OPC Pine Bark Extract’s highly effective and complex blend of antioxidants helps to fight the free radicals that cause damage to the cells in our bodies.

Brain Health/Performance

New study shows promise in brain health & performance—particularly in recovery weeks following traumatic brain injury.

Circulatory Support

Clinical research on high OPC Pine Bark Extract showed a number of interesting results.

Cardio Support

Clinical research has shown that High OPC Pine Bark Extract (PBE) may help to improve cardiovascular health through positive effects.


Clinical research shows that high OPC pine bark extract may improve brain activities and cognitive performance in cognitive tests that compare of loss of cognitive function with age.

Healthy Eye Function

Clinical research has shown that high OPC pine bark extract may improve distance vision and slow down the decline of eye function with age.

Skin Care

In addition to the profound health effects of high OPC pine bark extract as a food or dietary supplement, there are several functional applications for topical use in personal care formulations.

UV Shielding

Research shows that high OPC pine bark extract (PBE) can protect skin cells from the harmful effects of UV-radiation.